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All Thai Wood Co. manufactures a line of custom cut resawn hardwood lamellas for its production of high-quality engineered flooring.  These lamellas can also be offered as a semi-finished product to any customer wishing to manufacture their own engineered flooring, or to use the material for other applications.  At our standard dimensions, the lamellas can function as thin-clad wall paneling, decorative veneers for casework and doors and other architectural applications.  

Making use of thin-cut lamella material is an excellent way to achieve the look and feel of beautiful old vintage teak without the burden of a high price-point per square foot.

All material is resawn from hand-select reclaimed teak components as well as First Export Quality teak flitches, providing a range of quality and aesthetic fit for any project.

Reclaimed Teak Lamellas


Reclaimed Teak Lamellas

An efficient use of a rare and beautiful resource. Hand-select reclaimed teak building components and vintage flooring boards are resawn into thin layers for reuse as engineered flooring and other paneling applications.

Standard: 1/4” x 6” x 5’ – 12’

Application: Engineered flooring, interior paneling, veneering & trim.

Look and feel:

Modern engineering meets old-world wood. The product is clean and crisp, calibrated for thickness and surfaced ready to use. All voids and signs of previous use are filled by hand to recall the past. Long lengths are favored in this product to express the full character and nature of each piece of wood.

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